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Back to the past: do vector vaccines represent the future?

Back to the past: do vector vaccines represent the future?

During the last FACTA Conference, held on May 26-28, 2015 in Campinas, Brazil, renown speakers were gathered to discuss  the future, challenges and opportunities in the poultry industry.

Dr. Karel A. Schat, Emeritus Professor of Avian Virology and Immunology at Cornell University, gave an interesting presentation about vector vaccines providing a brief overview of the development of vaccine-induced immunity by inactivated and live vaccines, current traditional vaccines and the current state-of-the-art of recombinant vaccines.

Even though his presentation was focused mainly on the development and appropriate use of traditional and recombinant vaccines, Dr. Schat also highlighted the importance of taking strict biosecurity measures in order to prevent exposure to pathogens. Even best vaccines will not provide optimal protection if this last aspect is not taken into consideration.

Finally, he gave his opinion on the future of recombinant versus traditional vaccines comparing the current use of traditional and genetically engineered vaccines.

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