Adenovirus Mild Respiratory Disease ...

Adenovirus Mild Respiratory Disease in Laying Hens

Adenovirus Mild Respiratory Disease in Laying Hens

Subgroup I  aviadenovirus frequently have been isolated from both the upper and lower respiratory tract of birds with respiratory disease. Adenovirus can be isolated from commercial flocks, even when exceptional high levels of production and fertility exist. Over a period, involving hundreds of adenovirus isolation indicated no primary role for adenovirus in fowl respiratory disease. Aviadenovirus mixed Infectious Bronchitis-Mycoplasma-adenovirus infections present a similar clinical picture to Infectious Laryngotracheitis.. Adenovirus infections of SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) flocks in lay are often associated with little or no effect on either egg production or shell quality

 Observed Clinical Signs Happenings


  • Mild respiratory disease
  • Respiratory signs spread slowly

Adenovirus Mild Respiratory Disease in Laying Hens DOES NOT show, exhibit or manifest any of the following clinical signs happenings:

  1. Egg drop
  2. Mortality above the standard
  3. Visibly sick birds
  4. Flock behaviour activity change
  5. Droppings abnormalities
  6. Neurological Nervous abnormalities
  7. Lameness or unusual movements, incoordination, ataxia
  8. Eyes abnormalities
  9. Head, Comb, Wattles, Face, Nostrils, Sinuses, Mount, Beak, Ear lobes, abnormalities
  10. Body Parts (Neck, wings, breast, abdomen, shanks, legs, hocks, feet, joints, vent, and skin) abnormalities
  11. Feathers abnormalities
  12. Feed Consumption Changes
  13. Diet or Feed Changes
  14. Shell quality defects
  15. Internal Egg defects


Causing Agents
Viral Disease. Virus Adenovirus. Subgroup I aviadenoviruses.
Affected Systems/Organs
Infected birds, contaminated objects (clothing, footwear, equipment)
Mainly Affects
It may predispose infected birds to have other complications
Good biosecurity and hygiene programs. Some vitamins and minerals may assist in alleviating respiratory symptoms.
Suggested Actions
  • Can be confirmed with clinical signs and gross lesions
  • Can be dealt with in house
  • Diagnosis should be confirmed with rapid assays and/or a certified laboratory

Impact on Egg quality


Impact on Liveability


Impact on Production


Overall Economic Impact


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