Avian Encephalomyelitis Egg Drop in ...

Avian Encephalomyelitis Egg Drop in Laying Hens

Happenings / Clinical Signs

Egg Drop

  • Egg production declines rapidly
  • Mature birds may experience a temporary drop in egg production (5-10%) but do not develop neurologic signs

Avian Encephalomyelitis in laying hens experiences a temporary drop in egg production about 5-10% and last for 5-14 days, with return to full potential production at the end of this period. There is no loss of egg shell quality.

Causing Agents
Viral disease. Virus (Picornaviriade family). It has been tentatively placed in the genus Hepatovirus. (Year 2000).
Affected Systems/Organs
Reproductive System
Via the oral infection route. Contaminated feaces, environment, feed, water and equipment
Mainly Affects
Egg production
Vaccination Programs, Good Hygiene and Biosecurity practices.
Suggested Actions
  • Can be confirmed with clinical signs and gross lesions
  • Can be managed with vaccination programs
  • Diagnosis should be confirmed with rapid assays and/or a certified laboratory
  • Veterinary intervention is recommended

Impact on Egg quality


Impact on Liveability


Impact on Production


Overall Economic Impact


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