Aviadenovirus Infection, Falls in E ...

Aviadenovirus Infection, Falls in Egg Production in Laying Hens

Aviadenovirus Infection, Falls in Egg Production in Laying Hens

Some workers have reported FAdV-1 (Fowl avian Adenovirus Group 1) tracheal infection resulting in a 10% fall in egg production. However. no effect on egg quality was demonstrated following experimental infection of birds with four strains of FAdV,  and only one virus strain had minimal effect on the number of egg produced, in coincidence with a reduced feed intake.

FAdV can be isolated from commercial flocks, even when exceptional high levels of production. Adenovirus infection of SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) flocks in lay are often associated with little or no effect on either egg production or shell quality.

Observed Clinical Signs Happenings

Egg drop

  • Egg production declines gradually
  • Has been reported adenovirus infection resulting in a 10% fall in egg production
  • Minimal effect on egg production

Feed Consumption

  • Feed intake reduced

Aviadenovirus Infection, Falls in Egg Production in Laying Hens DOES NOT show or exhibit or manifest any of the following clinical signs happenings:

  • Egg production drops rapidly
  • Visibly sick birds
  • Flock behaviour activity change
  • Droppings abnormalities
  • Respiratory abnormalities
  • Neurological Nervous
  • Lameness or unusual movements, incoordination, reluctance to move
  • Eyes abnormalities
  • Head, Comb, Wattles, Face, Nostrils, Sinuses, Mount, Beak, Earlobes, abnormalities (except eyes)
  • Body Parts (Neck, wings, breast, abdomen, shanks, legs, hocks, feet, joints, vent, and skin, abnormalities), skinny body, retarded growth, weight depression
  • Feathers abnormalities
  • Diet or Feed Changes (Recent Feed delivery, Recent formulation /diet, Other silo or improper storage, another feed brand)
  • Shell quality
  • Internal Egg quality
Causing Agents
Viral Infection. Aviadenovirus Subgroup I
Affected Systems/Organs
Reproductive System
Direct contact, faeces or droppings, objects.
Mainly Affects
Egg Production
Biosecurity, Hygiene
Suggested Actions
  • Technical assistance recommended
  • Diagnosis should be confirmed with rapid assays and/or a certified laboratory
  • Veterinary intervention is recommended

Impact on Egg quality


Impact on Liveability


Impact on Production


Overall Economic Impact


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