Barley High Levels in the Diet of ...

Barley High Levels in the Diet of Laying Hens Diets

The moderate level of energy usually limits the inclusion of barley in most poultry diets. Additionally, the level of Beta-glucan can be problematic in terms of poor performance and wet litter or wet manure. Synthetic enzymes can be used to overcome most of the problems.

Causing Agents
High level of Beta-glucan in Barley
Affected Systems/Organs
Digestive Tract. Wet Litter/Manure. Faecal Moisture
Mainly Affects
Faecal Moisture Wet litter/manure and Performance
Synthetic enzymes added in the diet
Suggested Actions
  • Technical assistance recommended
  • Can be managed with feed additives, off-the-shelf medications

Impact on Egg quality


Impact on Liveability


Impact on Production


Overall Economic Impact


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