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FCR Consulting Group

Australian-based, Nutrition and Husbandry consulting firm. FCR Consulting is dedicated to improving the welfare and productivity of modern Poultry and Swine farms. Specialising in the optimisation of feed utilisation through the utilisation and application of the latest technology and knowledge. FCR has found practical solutions for issues affecting a wide range of farms across many countries.


EP is a range of tailor-made feed additive premixes. Developed by a panel of the world’s leading nutritionists, veterinarians and technical experts. EP provides the leading in-class solutions for your on-farm productivity.

These premixes are designed using first quality and accredited ingredients, applying extensive research into latest industry demands, animal nutrition and health.


Based in Belgium, Vetworks is an independent consultancy agency providing high-quality technical support and project management services to the animal production, veterinary and pharmaceutical industries. A team of selected veterinary experts, with broad international expertise, provide ad hoc field support or longer-term health control assignments and audits.


How can BarnHealth help me?
Barnhealth is the world largest provider of freely-available information on issues pertaining to animal farming. Our sophisticated disorder identification program DTECT can help business owners to identify the issues affecting their flock, as well as provide practical solutions. Our extended network of consulting partners are also available to work with business in tackling issues and maximising the productivity of their farm.
Is the information on BarnHealth free to use?
Our information is freely available for public use. We are dedicated to supporting farmers across the globe and we believe that every business owner should have access to the most up-to-date information available.  Practical solutions for identified disorders and illnesses are provided by in-house veterinarians with decades of experience. Of course, we’d appreciate being credited where possible when our information is shared or utilised.